Co-owner and artist at Bolt.

After more than 11 years of experience and working at different shops it was finally time to go my own way.

Preferred styles:
✧ Ornamental ✧
✧ Fineline ✧
✧ Floral ✧
✧ Minimalism ✧
✧ Geometric ✧
✧ Traditional ✧

email: mignon@boltclassic.com

At the moment the waiting time for an appointment is approximately 10 weeks. 
For more information about booking you appointment, scroll down!

You can find me at the shop Tuesdays - Saturdays from 11.00 - 17.00

I collect all my enquiries en I will get back to you every 1 a 2 weeks. Thank you for your patience!

Our emails might get lost in you spam folder, so make sure to check it!

Information on booking appointments with Mignon.

It’s a lot to read but very important 


- Booking info -


When booking an appointment, please include in your email:

✧ a description of what you’d like 

✧ placement and size

✧ color or black and grey

✧ references/examples of designs or tattoos 

✧ If you have a budget for your tattoo

For booking inquiries you can send an e-mail to mignon@boltclassic.com, or fill out the contact form above

A fixed rate is given for all tattoos up to 6 hours, depending on the tattoo.

For bigger projects and multiple session tattoos the hourly rate is 130,-

The minimum price is 100,-


For appointments a deposit is required which is non-refundable.


This deposit will be deducted from the costs of the final session.

However, with larger work, a part of the deposit will be taken for the preparations (consultation/drawing appointment/designing)


Rescheduling appointments needs to be done 2 working days in advance, if you are not on time to reschedule you will lose your deposit. 


Drawings and designs are not send through email. Your drawing will be ready on the day of your scheduled appointment, if it needs a minor change there is room for it. 

When a drawing has already been made and your idea has changed the deposit is taken to cover the costs of the designing. So please keep in mind to contact with me in time!


Please send me the deposit within 48 hours, your spot is not confirmed without a deposit.


A first consultation is free of charge, If you want a second consultation a 25 euro fee will be added.


✧ By sending me a deposit you agree to these terms and conditions ✧


Please keep in mind that when we are preparing for your tattoo, we are also working. Preparing our stations, designing, etc. We are not able to make the tattoo without it. We will always charge you fair and accordingly. If you have any questions , about this please let us know.

Thank you for understanding!